Friday, April 17, 2009

Go Green : Earth Day 22 April 09 : The Green Generation

Earth Day 2009 LOGO

After we celebrate the earth hour in 28 March 2009 now is time for us to celebrate the Earth Day on 22 April 2009
let's us give a support on this program, lot of activities we can do to show that we are care about our planet such as:

1. To reduce the consumption fossil fuel and coal as well
2. Increase our recycling activities
3. Car pool or use more public transport
4. Back to nature

together we can improve our quality of life in this lovely planet earth and for our next genaration.....


Basuh Baju said...

after earth hour, we should see whether our people still committed in fighting global warming or just merely hype by aggressive campaign.

Today's NST article run out the article about global warming is a normal phenomena. I know it's counter popular belief. But the scientist has a point. Very strong indeed.

I don't care whther it is true or not, but the sign is clear, our earth has become more heated over n over. N I believe the best solution is to reduce the number of cars on the road since it contributes more than 70% of air polution.

Mamai said...

Netul tu basuh baju we should recudue the number of car's on the road....but my job will be effected we should go for electric or bio car