Thursday, March 19, 2009

How I Support the earth hours

I mark on my calender this coming 28th March 2009 will be one of my big day, to show how I support the earth hours program I am not only will switch off the light for the hour but for the whole night. I told my kids that there is no tv on that day. I will band my wife and my self from dive a car I we have to go to the shop we will walk or take the public transport, ( wish no emergency case happen on that day ) life is unpredictable.

To avoid my kid's from feel boring I will take them go for fishing at day time and we plan to count the star at night, hope the weather is good and no rain since lately the weather is unpredictable (due to global warming effect.

There is many way for us to show how we can support the global warming should be i time event in a year we must change it to become our way of life and is part of our responsibility for our next generation.....

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